Wednesday, 26 August 2015


The financial world does not seem that pleasant beginning last week and early this week. Markets tanked much more. Sentiments dropped. 

Something more worrisome on the home front for people with loans. Especially home loans.

The date to watch is 17 Sep 2015, US time where FOMC meeting with a press conference is slated. 

I think 25bps by Yellen would kill it. 

Monday, 17 August 2015


According to the Middle Ground FB post, general elections is upon us soon. 

I do not deny that is my gut feel as well.

But in the last few years since GE2011, I have been thinking: Is the MP in my ward a necessity?

As Singaporeans progress and become more net savvy and government agencies' feedback/comms channels improve, the two-way communications between government and citizens vastly increase over the years. 

QSMs and ministries' FB pages receive a constant deluge of feedback and complaints from the everyday man. So do the various politicians and office holders. This is not withstanding the usual email and letter writing forms. 

With the advent of the Social Service Offices, help for the needy is now much more accessible than earlier CDC variants. MPs also direct cases, especially more complex ones, to be looked at by the SSO. 

Municipal issues are now taken much more seriously, especially for those that cross multiple agencies and territories. The Municipal Service Office coordinates such multi-office efforts to service the public better.

This leaves me with community bonding, which is the mandate of the Community Development Councils and the Peoples' Association. 

So where does that leave my MP? It's anybody's guess.

Friday, 14 August 2015


This place had been blogged to death. But I have yet to patronise despite being told about its goodness.

So here we are. Johore Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge at Veerasamy Road.

I always like to order 肉碎 in my porridge to test the hawker's grasp of taste. In this case, it was excellent with correct ratio of fat bits. Coupled with century egg, the porridge was sublime. The porridge itself was flavourful even without the addition of the usual soy sauce and pepper.

Die die must try.