Tuesday, 19 January 2016


What jolted me this morning was Straits Times' coverage of the LTA's raising of Nicoll Drive, a 1km long dual carriageway near the coast of Changi. 80cm was the height to be raised. 

This is meant to mitigate the impending rise of sea levels by the end of this century which is projected to be about 80cm. Tracts of lands would be lost, water catchments compromised by seawater...

You are not likely to face this phenomenon if you are in your 30s. Your children might even evade it. But definitely not your grandchildren. 

With this in mind, it would be prudent to make better choices in life. I wonder who's vested in properties near Changi, Sarimbun, Seletar or Sentosa?

In any case, do read the following for more info:

The word 'stave' is kind of strong?

Monday, 18 January 2016


STI touched 2,581 points earlier today. That's about 1,000 points from one year highs of 3,549.

But what's worrisome is the velocity at which these levels were breached. Bloomberg compared Singapore's market loss for 2015 to Greece's. 15% loss it touted.

With year to date performance for 2016 so much more pitiful than Bloomberg's time-stamped article, we all now know where the hot money flowed into all this while. 

Our shores.

Buy where you'd ask?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


An acquaintance was discussing with me on the recent 'plunge' of China markets and its ramifications.

I cooed that I was 'all cash' at the moment and he threw me a look and said, "I am not so sure if it is good to be all cash now'. 

I went away not thinking about it for another 6 hours. At the end of the night, I concluded it was a good time to be all cash.

Why? Here's 4 possible reasons:

1.  The absolute edge in life is buying power. 

2.  Markets are presenting good opportunities to enter several sectors, including equities and bonds, but not Singapore properties.

3.  This is further exacerbated by political woes and turmoils in Europe, Middle East, East Asia and South America.

4.  And unless you are buying properties or cars in SG now, deflation seems to be trumping inflation.

So why are people not in an all cash position? Here's 4 possible explanations:

1.  They have already vested their money with no cash to deploy.

2.  They have debts from home/car loans to service.

3.  They have a fear of missing out. They perceive the need to get more out of their cash instead of leaving it in the bank and gnawed away by inflation.

4.  They do not have that much cash to begin with.

The good thing about being a young retail investor is you have time on your side. Work hard, save up the money, deploy them in tranches at significant corrections and wait it out. Do be patient. 


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