Tuesday, 24 March 2015


The last few weeks saw an exceptional flurry of rumours and news on the worsening condition of founding Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The last straw was the hoax screencap of PMO's site announcing the passing of Mr Lee. Netizens were up in arms, protesting the idiocy of the person responsible. Foreign news outlets were also lambasted for latching onto the hoax.

What struck me was the heightened outpouring of concern and attention onto a man who was likely off the radars of the silent majority for many years.

I further underestimated the silent majority's might as news of Mr Lee's death broke on early Monday morning. The picture depicting a black lapel bearing the late founder's side profile took over many Facebooks and Instagrams locally. The sharing of news, photos, videos escalated exponentially. 

Methinks the ground is sweet.

News of the reshuffle should come after that. I hope the momentum would not be lost.

Credit to National Archives of Singapore.

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