Wednesday, 29 July 2015


The Business Times' Kalpana Rashiwala nicely hyped up the impending en bloc sale launch of Shunfu Ville, a sleepy HUDC enclave that was recently privatised. 

So...what are the upsides? Firstly, it's near Bishan and Thomson. So the perceived value of the centrally located plot is high. Second? It's slightly elevated.

Not sure if the developer would make use of this elevation to its advantage. But that's all the goodness to the place.

The nearest makan place is the FC a short walk away. Amenities like NTUC etc are either at Bishan Junction 8 or Thomson Plaza.

So what's not so good about the place? The NSE.

Yes, the dreaded North South Expressway will cut right in front of the plot. The last I heard, the underground entry/exit point could possibly be sited right outside Boon View and Tresalveo. 

That's one helluva noise hole people.

The only consolation is that the demolition/construction of the Shunfu Ville plot might coincide with the construction of the NSE. This way, would be residents are spared the noise, dust and traffic congestions from the construction of the NSE.

I also heard the NSE has 'eaten' into some parts of Boon View and Tresalveo's plots. Not sure if Shunfu Ville would also suffer from this partial makan.

The 2014 URA Masterplan shows that the place is not going to very densely built up. A good mix of private low-rise and high-rise. Near good schools like Raffles Institution and the incoming RGS in 2018, this would be a nice area for those who can afford the projected $1,400 psf and can endure traffic noise. Especially if you are road-facing.

One last look at the vicinity. By the way, a 3-room HDB at Shunfu Gardens is going for about 400k plus on a 60-odd year lease. 


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